Global ICJ Support

More than 220 Civil Society Organizations have successfully called on Foreign Ministers to endorse the UN General Assembly Resolution for An Advisory Opinion from the UN's International Court of Justice.  See the Endorsements! 

It is Vanuatu's great honor that 132 UN Member States formally agreed to Co Sponsor the Resolution, and adopted it by Consensus on 29 March 2023, without taking a vote. 

UN Member States consider it critically important to adopt Resolutions that have the widest possible agreement among Member States.  That is why Vanuatu has spearheaded multiple consultations considering every word in this final draft Resolution which our Core Group considers to be balanced, forward looking and supportive of multilateral climate cooperation. 

Today there are 193 Member States and roughly 80% of the General Assembly resolutions are adopted by consensus, that is, without taking a vote.

To ensure this Resolution was adopted by consensus, the Core Group has been extremely concerned about all points of view and made significant compromises in an open and inclusive way.

Core Resolution Drafting Group

Confirmed Support
(CARICOM, PIF, OACPS Resolutions,
+ Co Sponsorships and Verbal Support) 

Did not Co Sponsor, but did Adopt the Resolution

For more ideas on how you can help, visit our incredible youth-led climate justice advocates at the links below: