Vanuatu, one of the world’s most climate vulnerable countries, has submitted one of the world’s most ambitious Paris Agreement Nationally Determined Contributions, covering Mitigation, Adaptation and Loss & Damage commitments. 

Already an emissions negative country, Vanuatu strives to go even further to mitigate climate change by phasing out fossil fuels almost entirely as well as initiatives around electric vehicles and energy efficiency. 

Vanuatu is doubling down on its global climate leadership in the face of a world moving closer towards a climate crisis. It sends a signal of hope and determination that if one of the world's most vulnerable countries can be ambitious in meeting its obligations under International Law, so too can the world's richest and most developed.  

The program sends a message that Vanuatu is taking mitigation, adaptation and loss & damage action even though finance is lacking.  This is one of the first NDCs that gives full and complete consideration to Loss & Damage, recognizing it as central to implementation of the Paris Agreement alongside Mitigation and Adaptation.  

Vanuatu is calling for the establishment and rapid mobilization of a Loss and Damage Finance Facility under the UNFCCC in order to fill critical financial gaps experienced already by the world’s most vulnerable communities, and to address loss and damage. 

A key part of the Government of Vanuatu’s climate leadership is the initiative to take climate change to the International Court of Justice for an Advisory Opinion. An Advisory Opinion would breathe new life into the Paris Agreement, clarifying international law around state’s obligations and could inspire more ambitious climate action around the world.  Already dozens of states from around the world are supporting the AO, ahead of a vote at the United Nations General Assembly.

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