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Hon Jotham Napat, Minister of Foreign Affairs International Cooperation and External Trade

ICJ Resolution Released!

30 November 2022. see the text of the Resolution here

Press Release with quotes from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Jotham Napat

"“This resolution comes after more than 12 months of worldwide consultations and with the growing support of over 80 countries,” Vanuatu’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and and External Trade Hon. Jotham Napat said.

“The Court will address what has brought humanity to the brink of collapse and threatens the very existence of countries and the human rights of individuals and peoples of present and future generations - climate change.

“The ICJ Advisory Opinion will clarify, for all States, our obligations under a range of international laws, treaties and agreements, so that we can all do more to protect vulnerable people across the world.”

27 October 2022

An International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on Climate Change

Press Release 15th September 2022

Vanuatu Pushes for More Support at the UN Climate Negotiations

Declaration of Climate Emergency approved unanimously by the Parliament of Vanuatu

OACPS Council of Ministers endorsed Vanuatu Climate initiative at its 114th Session

ICJ Pathway to Benefit Us All: Vanuatu Calls for Climate Action at UN

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Pacific Island Climate Action Network
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