The Republic of Vanuatu

Pursuing an Advisory Opinion on Climate Change
from the International Court of Justice

The Republic of Vanuatu is building a growing coalition of States seeking an advisory opinion on Climate Change from the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The planet is facing an existential climate crisis.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, reminds us that the climate emergency we now face is "the price of humanity’s fossil fuel addiction" but that "we have a choice: collective action or collective suicide.”

International Law already contains obligations to prevent harm to the environment and protect human rights. How can these obligations be applied to spur the transformative climate action by States that is required?

The UN’s International Court of Justice is the only principal organ of the UN System that has not yet been given an opportunity to help address the climate crisis.

Vanuatu, and a growing coalition of more than 80 nations is calling for a non-binding Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice to gain clarity how existing International Laws can be applied to strengthen action on climate change, protect people and the environment and save the Paris Agreement.

The ICJ climate Resolution will be tabled during the current 77th session of the UN General Assembly requesting the International Court of Justice to provide an advisory opinion on the obligations of States under international law to protect the rights of present and future generations against the adverse effects of climate change.